ORVA is on the map!!  We have secured a lease on some property south of Arcadia, LA. We have 6 months to pay for it in full.  Take a look at our new images.

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We hope to turn this in to a tiny home village. Our hope is that the community will sponsor homes and come to the property and build them.  There are many Veterans that return to issues with adapting to civilian life. We want to assist them with this property and help them gain the skills they need to survive on their own.  There is a great need for this type of transitional housing in the central Louisiana area.


A special thanks to Tim Brandon for preliminary plans for the property. As you can see, the plan is extensive and inclusive.  We hope to have housing for both men and women with a few larger homes for families.  We can do a lot with this property but we can only do that with your help.


This is your chance to help.  Click this link to donate, or this link to become a member thanks.